Friday, December 7, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

El Chinelo Produce. South facing Mural

El Chinelo Produce building has wonderfully extensive Mentoring Peace murals on multiple walls. This is the south facing art work.

El Chinelo Produce. North Walls

El Chinelo Produce building has wonderfully extensive Mentoring Peace murals on the North and South faces. These are the North/ Northeast facing walls.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Animal Peace Mural (under construction)

To document this mural, I had to shoot around large construction equipment obscuring the view. Still, there are a few good close ups to zoom in on.

Building Previously know as the "Zebra Building"

This building used to be covered in brown and white stripes. It's looking alot more colorful these days!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Recycling Plant Mural

Recycle and beautify the recycling plant.

Peace and Harmony at North Commons Community Park

Mentoring Peace Through Art at North Commons Community Center.

Learn more about the North Commons Park Mural:

North Commons Mural with Minneapolis Parks from Mentoring Peace Through Art on Vimeo.

Falconers Mural First. Lake Street

A new MasterPiece with the Falconer building. This one is so greatly interconnected, it is exemplary. Fairly great experience to Utilize..

Mentoring Peace Mural Art at El Colegio

El Colegio School has an outstanding mural, created by the "Mentoring Peace Though Art" organization. In collaboration with the C.enter for I.ndependent A.rtists

3600 Cedar Ave S

Beautiful Mentoring Peace Mural at 3600 Cedar Ave. There are two walls but photosynth did not connect them so use the 2D view to navigate to the other surface.

The Lory Building

Mentoring Peace mural and mosaic at the Lory Building. Home to "It Takes a Village" thrift shop.

Mill City Auto Body

Mentoring Peace Through Art produces amazing community murals. I will be posting Photosynth displays here, as they are processed. This demonstrates the ability to embed a photosynth frame in your own website, or anywhere on the internet.

These can be considered draft, as I navigate them a bit and find out where they succeed, and could be improved upon. For instance, this one is 100% "Synthy" but I should have taken more photos to round the corner
This mural is at Mill City Auto Body in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood.